iPhone pokies

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On the web players can find two main types of mobile pokies, free one who can play and wager  just for their own amusement, there is no money involved, or it is an imaginary money and the prize that they win is just for their own satisfaction.

1400On the other hand real money pokies provide players to wager a real money and in a near future actually getting the prize, like they would normally do when they go to casino.

While the free pokies can be entertaining as a mean to pass your time while you are bored at work, or you are waiting in line, there is no rush of adrenaline like in real money pokies when in the next moment you can become few thousand dollars richer.

Like an Android pokies iPhone pokies have become available to all of them who have iPhone or iPad device. It’s easily to install them. Player would only have to go to Apple store, choose a pokie game which he would like to play, download application and start playing. For real money pokies you would probably have to visit some of the web sites of an on line casinos, there you will find an application who you will install on your device. These casinos require from a player that he firstly deposit a real money before allowing him to play.  There you can choose whatever you like, whether it’s a pokie, or blackjack, or roulette.

pokies1 (1)Most of IOS devices are compatible with on line pokies, have a really high resolution and they can give you an impression of a real pokie machine as if you are sitting in actual casino.

If you are serious player and you want to earn some cash playing online pokies you only have to visit the web site that you think is best for you, open an account, make an deposit and start to play.

You cam always get an recommendation from others players in which way to choose trustworthy web site.

A lot of these web sites are finding the ways to attract new players, they usually offer you sign up bonuses, free round and big jackpots.

online-casinoThere are lot of on line pokies that you can play, market is a vast, some of the most popular among the players are: Tomb Raider, Major Millions, Mermaid Millions, Dragon’s Fortune. There are games that are connected around the world and every time when someone is playing them they are putting money into mutual jackpot, these games are called progressive. The catch is: only one player can win the prize.

Many people say that gambling is way of a past, some of us use it like a hobby, some make living out of that, but whether you choose to visit an on line casino to play pokie games or app store, whether it’s for money or just for your fun, entertainment is guarantied and who knows maybe some money prize is on your way, you only have to try it.

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What are Android Pokies?

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The most played casino games online are online pokies and are played all around the world. If you are fond of gaming, and you’d rather not go to a noisy and crowded traditional casino, then you can simply sit back comfortably into a sofa and play Android pokies whenever you desire! Playing pokie games on your Android device is enabled by so called mobile casinos and this can actually help you to earn some money.

2_hercules_journey_slots_pokies_olympus_casinoSupporting of flash is one of the best advantages of Android devices. There is a broad selection of Android pokies online thanks to e-gaming software companies who have focused on the mobile market since 2013. Since HTML5 is highly improved now, it is believed by many users that it is the web standard for playing real-money-pokie-games on Androids. Not only can you play Android pokies for real money, but for free, as well. Free Android pokies provide players with a chance to practice gaming and strengthen the techniques of playing this kind of online games. Furthermore, you can find the latest demo Android pokie games on various sites 24/7 online, so if you are a real fan of Android pokies I strongly recommend visiting those sites daily.

Playing pokies on your android is totally different experience from sitting down in front of a cold hard pokie machine. The bricks and mortar pokies tend to be a lot less fun and much more fleecing with lower player payouts rather than these new android pokies apps mentioned at online pokies paradise.

play_82r8_h480_screenshot_1_triton-slot-machines-pokies-hdAndroid pokies are intended for a wide and varied audience. For instance, professional players may benefit from constant gaming by improving their gaming strategies while playing Android pokies on a daily basis. Also, there is no doubt that the beginners will have fun playing Android pokies. If you are afraid that you are inexperienced and that this could be the reason for losing too much money, do not worry. You can simply pick an option of playing pokies for free just for you to see how these games look like and how they are played. Additionally, players can game for real money only if they are a member of numerous online mobile casinos. So, if you wish to win the jackpot, you have to join mobile casino first. Playing and saving Android pokies is possible only if your Android device has a connection to a WIFI.

unnamed (4)History and origin of Android devices and Android pokies:

Android Inc. put Android devices with Linux operating system on the market in the first place. However, Google Inc. bought out the commerce of these smartphones shortly after. After the first sale of the Android device, online pokies available for Androids have improved in terms of their quality. Also, the number of Android pokies has increased dramatically. There is a competition between the Android and Apple application stores, however many users of Android devices believe that Android app stores hold all the aces since they provide their users with much more app stores than Apple. According to many recent studies, the most-known software platform is Android device

There is a great number of available pokie games for Androids, and some of the newest  and the most popular are: Slot Casino, Farm Casino, Fruit Slots, Tourney Slots, KaChing Slots and many others.

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What we know about Online Gambling

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Recently, something came to my attention. Something that I consumed a lot became very popular. I am talking about online casinos. When you are interested in subject, you realize that there are so many online casinos now. Try to google and you will see. And should we be surprised? I don’t see why. You see, online gambling is undoubtedly one of the most popular activities indulged in by man. One cannot discount the fact that it is quite a lucrative venture and not to mention that its growth is one of the quickest on the Internet.

Online gambling has paved the way for millions of gamblers to enjoy their favorite casino game without the need to go to Las Vegas or Monaco. Nowadays, one can indulge in a game of poker or blackjack by logging on to an online gambling site from their personal computer, iPhones, tablet… So, you just simply find website, register an log in. That’s all you need to do. Even monkey can do that. But are there reasons we should be worried?

casino-gamesPlaying online gambling games is very convenient and simple and has elevated the world of gambling to greater heights. You can take advantage of playing Internet bingo and enjoy the warm and friendly communities accessible on the Internet. Gamblers should be concerned with their safety so it is important to do some research prior to logging on to a site. Likewise, the player should understand their financial capability and should establish a budget which they are willing to lose for the day. This is similar to playing in a land-based casino where you need to have a certain bankroll to play.online-gambling However, when the said budget has already been consumed, the gambler should learn how to stop and fight another day. In online gambling, it is important the player should avoid divulging their user names and passwords. The reason for this is that when the player wins a hefty sum of money and places on their account, they might be surprised to see that the winnings have already been claimed by another individual. As much as possible, player should keep their user name and password confidential and kept in a secured location. When your personal computer bogs down, players can have an assurance that they can resume playing at the soonest time possible. When choosing an online casino, players should obtain some information about where to find a reputable online casino. Likewise, they should maintain a short checklist of possible issues that they want the online casino to address before they can play their favorite game.

So are you a fan of poker and roulette? Maybe some blackjack? If you earn some money, you would be a happy man. If not, you won’t be a happy man. Of course, who likes losing? The bottom line of all this is that online gambling provides people with an opportunity to play their favorite casino game outside of brick and mortar (regular) casinos.

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Guide through online casino

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They say money can’t buy happines. I never liked this phrase. No one is gonna tell me what brings me happy. If i have money, I can provide for my family, which I love and respect and that makes me happy. So what’s wrong if someone likes money? There is that another phrase where you say, Money makes the world go around. I don’t see people quoting that sentence. Anyway, I have a good job, I’m not poor, but you can always make something little aside. Like gambling for example. What’s wrong if I bet a little on of my favorite games? Especially if I know what I’m doing. But when I said I’m not poor, I didn’t said that i am rich. I dont have money for paying expensive drinks or paying tips for hostesses. So I found better thing. Online casinos. I spend one evening alone at my home and won some money. There are lot of advantages for this kind of betting. And I will tell you why.

online-casinoFor starters, you simply go to log in on some online casino site. That’s everyone know to do. And I don’t have some specific site to recommend. Just simply google online casino, and you find someone. Also to mention, this is not only for personal computers. You can also register with your android, mobile and iPhone. You know that rule when people say – The house always win? That means that no matter how do you win at casiono, management will always have more than you. You see, casino games are designed to give the house a small advantage, so a typical player loses money over time. 42Through strategies like card counting, a player can gain a small advantage at a brick & mortar casino. Many online casinos offer sign-up bonuses and other promotions that give the player a much larger edge. Bonuses can be used to shift the house edge in your favor and win over time or to simply reduce your losses without having to change your game choices or style of play. So with the online casinos, maybe house wins, but they win less than regular casinos. As I said, online casinos allow you to play casino games for real money on your computer. However, there are some important differences. Some online casinos offer live dealers via webcam, but for the most part game outcomes are determined via a computer dealer and random number generator, rather than live dealers. This generally makes play faster.What-Is-An-Online-Casino With some online casino softwares, it is possible to play more than 1000 hands of blackjack per hour. Also, deposits and withdrawals differ significantly between online and regular casinos. Withdrawals usually are not instant. The two most common reasons for this delay are security/fraud checks and a reverse-withdrawal period (period in which you can cancel your withdrawal).

There are also many reasons why you should choose online casino rather than regular (brick & mortar) casino. But I don’t want to be boring by this story. I just want to share my experience with all of you and finally to say that ther is nothing wrong with online casinos. There aren’t any kind of frauds, so if you are gambling type, maybe try this.

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Guide for the iPhone pokies

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The iPhone is well suited for playing online pokies. The graphics and the controls are clear and very easy. Just with your finger tips navigate to the right iPhone pokies that you want to play. This is pretty much what you have to do. It’s very simple. Also, there is some iPhone pokies that can be played online with no download at all. If you want, you can save it as an app and be available to play even if you don’t have Internet connection. Just decide what suits you and your lifestyle. You can do whatever you want and still play iphone pokies. You can do it from your work, even from your home.


How much can you win?

Many people do win, that is the fact. Of course, all different amounts while playing iPhone pokies. You can find big jackpots, but in the progressive slot games. With this slot games, everyone are linked up in the world. The jackpot will increases every time when someone plays. Sometimes, it won’t make your dreams come true. All in all, this is just a game and it can be even relaxing.

platinum-play-iphoneYou can play it for free or for real money. If you choose the second one, before everything, you must create account and fund it by making deposit.

Deposit options:

Visa or MasterCard (credit/debit card)



POLi (deposits only)



Besides the online casinos that are free from harm and have a good reputation, there are also sites that you should always keep away from. The smartest thing for you to do when deciding on the online casino is to choose the one that is in agreement with the gambling laws and regulations of your country since these laws differ in countries worldwide. Every real casino player wants the ability to win real money and that is what draws many of them. Of course, casinos can offer a very interesting promotions. That can be free spin or deposit match bonus, so you can win very easy and without deposit more money.

unnamedThe technology and the Internet develop on a daily basis, HTML5 ensured you to game on your iPhone anywhere and everywhere! Mobile casinos usually offer Java installation. It is very easy to download the apps. Player will receive a text message, or it can be send on an email, with link that leads you to the download section.

Sometimes, you won’t be able to find all the features for the iPhone. Even if it is small, the phone’s screen, has a great resolution because of the CPU, so the graphics can be very similar to the ones from your laptop or computer. Smartphones will get better as you can see from the new models every day. You can check this out by finding these games: Spin Palace, Monte Carlo Casino, Jack Pot City, Lucky Nugget… Generally, you are able to find awesome graphics and playing one of these will going to be smooth!

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10 Commandments of Online Casino

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If you want to gamble and feel the magic of the online casino, we advise you to read the 10 commandments of gambling. Those advices cannot guarantee success overnight, but it can have a positive impact on the game in the long run.


   1.  Be Informed

images (1)In today’s information world ignorance is a matter of choice. Study the game, rules, strategies, bonuses, be informed about casino payment method – everything you need to make your time spent playing online casino was fun and exciting, not stressfull.

   2.  Choose Safe Online Casino and Bonus

There are thousands online casinos and that each different in its own way. When you are ready to “pull” the lever on the slot machine or put it chips on, it is important to choose the right place to play.

   download (2)3.  Payments and Payouts

When you play online casinos for real money try to choose the payment method that suits you and that you are able to use. That might affect a number of factors such as which payments are made, which provides an online casino where you are, how much you pay, if you get a higher bonus…etc.

 4.  Play Games Which You Know

It’s important to know well the game you’re playing. It is always useful to learn something new, but if you want to make money we advise you to play games you know and which you’re playing excellent.

   5.  Play Responsibly

Responsibility in online gambling could be classified in the top of 10 gambling commandments. Gambling is based on luck. As you cannot always win money, so you cannot always lose – but it is important to know your limits and budget.

 images (2)  6.  Do Not Mix Alcohol and Gambling

Alcohol can affect on your mood and the ability of rational decision-making. If you were in the winning series it may happen that you start to lose at once and therefore automatically affect your budget for the game and spoil the fun.

   7.  Take Breaks

Not only think about a pause while playing from a few minutes or hours. Sometimes it is necessary to make a break for a few days or weeks, especially if you are in “poor” series. Online casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year – it’s always there and you can play whenever you want.

   8.  Wisely With Money

Before you start playing online casino, it’s important to determine a budget and make a plan for dispose of the money. Bankroll and the budget should be dedicated to the game, and nothing more. Make a plan, set goals, distribute money and enjoy the profits.

   9.  Don’t Pay For Casino Systems and Strategies

There is no system or strategy that will reveal the secret of how to win online casino, betting or roulette. It is a simple rule and follow it

  shutterstock_34089463 10.  Have Fun!

Fun should be the main goal when you plan to play online casino. Fun, quality time and entertainment should be your motive, regardless of whether you win or lose.

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