They say money can’t buy happines. I never liked this phrase. No one is gonna tell me what brings me happy. If i have money, I can provide for my family, which I love and respect and that makes me happy. So what’s wrong if someone likes money? There is that another phrase where you say, Money makes the world go around. I don’t see people quoting that sentence. Anyway, I have a good job, I’m not poor, but you can always make something little aside. Like gambling for example. What’s wrong if I bet a little on of my favorite games? Especially if I know what I’m doing. But when I said I’m not poor, I didn’t said that i am rich. I dont have money for paying expensive drinks or paying tips for hostesses. So I found better thing. Online casinos. I spend one evening alone at my home and won some money. There are lot of advantages for this kind of betting. And I will tell you why.

online-casinoFor starters, you simply go to log in on some online casino site. That’s everyone know to do. And I don’t have some specific site to recommend. Just simply google online casino, and you find someone. Also to mention, this is not only for personal computers. You can also register with your android, mobile and iPhone. You know that rule when people say – The house always win? That means that no matter how do you win at casiono, management will always have more than you. You see, casino games are designed to give the house a small advantage, so a typical player loses money over time. 42Through strategies like card counting, a player can gain a small advantage at a brick & mortar casino. Many online casinos offer sign-up bonuses and other promotions that give the player a much larger edge. Bonuses can be used to shift the house edge in your favor and win over time or to simply reduce your losses without having to change your game choices or style of play. So with the online casinos, maybe house wins, but they win less than regular casinos. As I said, online casinos allow you to play casino games for real money on your computer. However, there are some important differences. Some online casinos offer live dealers via webcam, but for the most part game outcomes are determined via a computer dealer and random number generator, rather than live dealers. This generally makes play faster.What-Is-An-Online-Casino With some online casino softwares, it is possible to play more than 1000 hands of blackjack per hour. Also, deposits and withdrawals differ significantly between online and regular casinos. Withdrawals usually are not instant. The two most common reasons for this delay are security/fraud checks and a reverse-withdrawal period (period in which you can cancel your withdrawal).

There are also many reasons why you should choose online casino rather than regular (brick & mortar) casino. But I don’t want to be boring by this story. I just want to share my experience with all of you and finally to say that ther is nothing wrong with online casinos. There aren’t any kind of frauds, so if you are gambling type, maybe try this.