Guide for the iPhone pokies

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The iPhone is well suited for playing online pokies. The graphics and the controls are clear and very easy. Just with your finger tips navigate to the right iPhone pokies that you want to play. This is pretty much what you have to do. It’s very simple. Also, there is some iPhone pokies that can be played online with no download at all. If you want, you can save it as an app and be available to play even if you don’t have Internet connection. Just decide what suits you and your lifestyle. You can do whatever you want and still play iphone pokies. You can do it from your work, even from your home.


How much can you win?

Many people do win, that is the fact. Of course, all different amounts while playing iPhone pokies. You can find big jackpots, but in the progressive slot games. With this slot games, everyone are linked up in the world. The jackpot will increases every time when someone plays. Sometimes, it won’t make your dreams come true. All in all, this is just a game and it can be even relaxing.

platinum-play-iphoneYou can play it for free or for real money. If you choose the second one, before everything, you must create account and fund it by making deposit.

Deposit options:

Visa or MasterCard (credit/debit card)



POLi (deposits only)



Besides the online casinos that are free from harm and have a good reputation, there are also sites that you should always keep away from. The smartest thing for you to do when deciding on the online casino is to choose the one that is in agreement with the gambling laws and regulations of your country since these laws differ in countries worldwide. Every real casino player wants the ability to win real money and that is what draws many of them. Of course, casinos can offer a very interesting promotions. That can be free spin or deposit match bonus, so you can win very easy and without deposit more money.

unnamedThe technology and the Internet develop on a daily basis, HTML5 ensured you to game on your iPhone anywhere and everywhere! Mobile casinos usually offer Java installation. It is very easy to download the apps. Player will receive a text message, or it can be send on an email, with link that leads you to the download section.

Sometimes, you won’t be able to find all the features for the iPhone. Even if it is small, the phone’s screen, has a great resolution because of the CPU, so the graphics can be very similar to the ones from your laptop or computer. Smartphones will get better as you can see from the new models every day. You can check this out by finding these games: Spin Palace, Monte Carlo Casino, Jack Pot City, Lucky Nugget… Generally, you are able to find awesome graphics and playing one of these will going to be smooth!

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10 Commandments of Online Casino

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If you want to gamble and feel the magic of the online casino, we advise you to read the 10 commandments of gambling. Those advices cannot guarantee success overnight, but it can have a positive impact on the game in the long run.


   1.  Be Informed

images (1)In today’s information world ignorance is a matter of choice. Study the game, rules, strategies, bonuses, be informed about casino payment method – everything you need to make your time spent playing online casino was fun and exciting, not stressfull.

   2.  Choose Safe Online Casino and Bonus

There are thousands online casinos and that each different in its own way. When you are ready to “pull” the lever on the slot machine or put it chips on, it is important to choose the right place to play.

   download (2)3.  Payments and Payouts

When you play online casinos for real money try to choose the payment method that suits you and that you are able to use. That might affect a number of factors such as which payments are made, which provides an online casino where you are, how much you pay, if you get a higher bonus…etc.

 4.  Play Games Which You Know

It’s important to know well the game you’re playing. It is always useful to learn something new, but if you want to make money we advise you to play games you know and which you’re playing excellent.

   5.  Play Responsibly

Responsibility in online gambling could be classified in the top of 10 gambling commandments. Gambling is based on luck. As you cannot always win money, so you cannot always lose – but it is important to know your limits and budget.

 images (2)  6.  Do Not Mix Alcohol and Gambling

Alcohol can affect on your mood and the ability of rational decision-making. If you were in the winning series it may happen that you start to lose at once and therefore automatically affect your budget for the game and spoil the fun.

   7.  Take Breaks

Not only think about a pause while playing from a few minutes or hours. Sometimes it is necessary to make a break for a few days or weeks, especially if you are in “poor” series. Online casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year – it’s always there and you can play whenever you want.

   8.  Wisely With Money

Before you start playing online casino, it’s important to determine a budget and make a plan for dispose of the money. Bankroll and the budget should be dedicated to the game, and nothing more. Make a plan, set goals, distribute money and enjoy the profits.

   9.  Don’t Pay For Casino Systems and Strategies

There is no system or strategy that will reveal the secret of how to win online casino, betting or roulette. It is a simple rule and follow it

  shutterstock_34089463 10.  Have Fun!

Fun should be the main goal when you plan to play online casino. Fun, quality time and entertainment should be your motive, regardless of whether you win or lose.

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